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Glassware is how to use the correct

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Glittering and translucent and chic, easy to clean, these characteristics make the glass tableware favored by many consumers. But reporters found that due to the lack of the understanding of glass products, and product label is not clear on the market, many consumers in the use of myths, such as no material glass tableware in the microwave heating, etc., has brought its own security risks.
S market research
Product identification more missing
Reporter visited the market found that are sold in many large business super wide variety of glass tableware, but many products are not clearly marked on the material, whether can be used in heating and matters needing attention and so on the necessary information.
In auchan supermarket, reporter saw the glass preservation box usually equipped with detailed specification, which indicate the material, using the matters needing attention, etc., in the oven should be how to use, for example, the circumstances under which the use of dangerous will happen. Some products are still in the prominent position marked products for heat-resistant glass or toughened glass. And some products with packaging, also on the packaging to identify the types of glass, use guidance information, etc.
But at the same time, a large number of glass cups, dishes are very fuzzy. Some products are simple to write only on the material the "glass" 2 words, other information. What's more, only simple product name and barcode, don't know other information.
S consumers say
How to use the thumb
At what temperature does the glass is not easy to crack use? What kind of glass tableware can into the microwave oven? When not privy to product these important information, the consumer is how to choose and use glass tableware? For some consumer reporter the random interviews.
Citizens ms zhang said she will generally choose thicker texture, because it looks strong, may be more resistant to high temperature. She also thinks, glass tableware should can be put into the microwave, she has been to do so, haven't seen any problem.
"Strong toughened glass than common glass. Chan has different views. But when a reporter asked what kind of is toughened glass tableware, she says, sometimes write generic products, no sign, she will choose relatively thick.
S experts claim
Heat-resistant glass identification is still in the promotion
China Daily glass association deputy secretary-general, senior engineer, said zhao Wan Bang citizens when using glass tableware, indeed there is a certain error, one of the most common, is both material glass tableware, cheng fang food in the microwave heating. , have many kinds of glass tableware, only heat-resistant glass for use in the microwave oven, oven, not as people thought "thick, toughened to heat", and the incorrect use of other types of glass tableware heating has certain security risks.

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